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You have found my ancient personal web pages. These web pages suffer from cobwebs, but according to my logs there is still interest in what Linton and I had for dinner in 1995. Go figure! The web is a strange place. Nowadays I'm active on the following sites:

Back to the old stuff... Here you will find various burblings about food, flowers, and fun stuff. Check out the nav bar on the left, or go straight to these highlights:

We are very happy to be living back in New Zealand after spending four years working in the USA. We are both now self-employed consultants and relish the flexibility we get working from home. My main focus is hearing research, with emphasis on using otoacoustic emissions to monitor people's hearing. In my spare time I also do research into the psychophysics of human hearing and maintain the Psychophysics Psyber Laboratory website.

Linton and I got into Letterboxing in a big way when we were in the USA. It helped that we lived in a letterboxing epicenter in southeastern Connecticut. Now that we're back in New Zealand, we're continuing to letterbox, but are placing many more letterboxes than we're finding. Check out our letterbox clues...

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